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sleelping together

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As a child, seeing the phrase “slept together” I thought it meant people slept together. Even when I knew about sex, I still assumed it was followed by “sleeping together.” I didn’t know it could mean: then he turns over and snores and you lie awake with long thoughts, long rosaries, children’s needs, or just long crying.
Worse things could happen. I didn’t deal with unfaithfulness.

Conversation with myself

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Right now I guess its time to do more work on myself. I guess. I spent 5 years with no sex and no relationships working on myself.

Relationships aren't working out, so I will just keep working on myself.

Someday, some girl will come along and either think I'm totally awesome for all the work I've done becoming me or think I'm a total pain in the ass because I have all this armor around myself trying to protect from all the past hurts and stuff..

Or, maybe, she'll think both.

‘Post-sex blues’ hit nearly half of women (research)

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[I decided karezza forum members might find this interesting too.]

Nearly half of women have experienced "post-sex blues", QUT research has found.

Postcoital dysphoria (PCD), characterised by tearfulness, a sense of melancholy or depression, anxiety, agitation or aggression following sexual intercourse, had been experienced by 46 per cent of surveyed women at some point in their lives.