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Sex and Brain Chemistry - Cupids Poisoned Arrow

Submitted by LaughingHawk on

Cupids Poisoned Arrow was the book that finally gave me a path to this way of Making Love. Having the 3 weeks of 'Exchanges' and the mindset shift after internalizing the dopamine response gave me the motivation and ability to taste what this is all about. This short video gives my personal take on Marnia's work. It is a short video, but gets the core nugget across that really hit home for me.

What was the main lesson for you?

Hot Sex - Traps you to the Body

Submitted by LaughingHawk on

I have found when I get into 'hot sex' I get very personally focused. It is almost like 'hot sex' feeds or agitates my ego. I get petty and feel I need to defend myself (often in ridiculous or comical ways about 'nothing'). This video explains, in a way, what is going on.

Question Everything!


"Good sex can leave men with DEPRESSION - and it's called post-coital dysphoria"

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[This was submitted by a site member for sharing.

Not surprisinly, I think the observed symptoms have more to do with orgasm than with "coitus," and I can't get the researcher quoted in the piece to consider that possibility.]

It seems men can find sex as unfulfilling as women but they’ve been keeping this guilty secret to themselves for years

The traditional version of sex is that the man has a good time no matter what, then turns over and begins to snore, oblivious of his partner.

Five Years In

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Next week we will celebrate our 5th anniversary. My wife turns 70 in July and I turn 59 in September. We continue to make love with PIV twice a day -- we slowly, gently wake each other up in the morning with scissors as we say our morning prayers, and most nights we make love and fall asleep spooning. Sometimes when we are home all day on the weekend, we will enjoy some "afternoon delight" and both feel "tuned-up" for the rest of the day. Five years in with Karezza, we are both in the best overall physical and emotional health of our lives.