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Marnia asked me about my contentment factor.
I am addicted to receiving affection. Gary Chapman in “The 5 Languages of Love“ talks about your Love Tank: How full is it? What fills it? As an addict I have narrowed it down to one thing, affection from my wife…all of my eggs in one basket, so to speak. I accept sex as a substitute. It’s easier for me to ask for sex than affection. If we have sex, orgasmic or not, I am stoned/high for 3-4 days then I start to slip into depression.

Alan Watts discusses sexual-spiritual technique

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A forum member shared this audio file of Watts discussing his take on karezza and Chinese sexual practices. From the person who sent the link:

I timestamped it for you around the most relevant part. But before and after that timestamped area is pretty relevant too. At 43:55 he says the word "karezza".

My first entry

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From the moment I became sexually active, I knew that there weren't a whole lot of benefits to orgasms for me (teen me would think - "well let's not do that again because I feel very lousy now"), but they were addictive and it took me many years to seriously consider what I would do about this issue.

Hi everyone long time. :) and I think I personally had karezza like sex tonight unintentionally..

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Hey everyone.. been over a year.. and in that time I got pregnant again and now have a 3 month old girl :) oops. But a good oops. We are hopefully done. My partner is considering a vasectomy.. guys have any tips on that? Anyways