100 days of celibacy

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This will become a blog about my battle with porn. Not too much of a surprise on this site I'd say. It has been an ongoing battle for quite a while now. I recently turned 25 and coming back to this site it was shocking to realise that my username back then was '23'. Not much has changed in these past two years. I am still trapped in a continuous cycle of abstinence and indulgence. There have been numerous negative consequences of this addiction on both my personal and my professional life.
And it has to stop.

That is why, this time, I am going to take the advice you read on so many of these sites: I'm going to talk about it. Talking to friends or family is still a bit too much to ask and even though I have considered therapy, there is always something holding me back (in no small part my bank-account). This blog, however, can be a first step.

The goal is quite simple: I want to refrain from masturbation for 100 days. Some will say that it is too drastic a goal but I have tried the subtle approach. In all its forms. I have tried to masturbate only once week. I have tried to masturbate only twice a week. I have allowed myself to masturbate as much as I want as long as it wasn't with any graphical stimulation. I have told myself, whatever softporn you can find on youtube is ok but I won't... I always did. I ended up binging like a 16-year old British teenager on her birthday.
And it has to stop.
Right now.