Love the ones you're with

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I am a big fan of comedy. It is my experience that (good) comedians, in general, are very intelligent people that really understand the subtleties and pitfalls of our society and that make us laugh by showing us these pitfalls.

The other day I was watching an interview with Ricky Gervais, one of my favourite comedians, that was talking about the importance of loving the ones you're with. I hadn't heard this expression before but I think it is a very wise life-lesson for everyone, and especially for a porn-addict. We spend our days fantasising about fake women that in real-life we wouldn't even like and we forget to appreciate the companionship and support that we already get from the people we're with...


I'll add that

to Uncle Bob's stash of wisdom. The lure of novelty is a challenge for all humans (sneaky genes at work), but you're right that porn exacerbates the challenge because it conditions sexual response to novelty. It takes a concerted effort to change early patterns, too.