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A good day

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Today was a good day, nothing special. Did my work, did everything I needed to do and I feel like I'm on the right track. Now, when I read an article or watch a movie that explains how you can kick this bad habit, I think: Yeah, obviously! It sounds all so logical and straight forward... And I guess it is logical and straightforward. It's when your mind starts to get blurry though...

Is it really that bad to just...?

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Yesterday, I was fairly critical of overtly sexual music videos and maybe I was a bit too harsh. This morning, again, I was watching the local MTV and, even though I know that it is fake, I don't think there is something wrong with enjoying a women expressing her sexuality. Love and sex are basic human needs and as an artist it is only normal to tap into these emotions. Why should I be so harsh on myself for appreciating the artistic expression of a beautiful, talented women?

Hot or sad?

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This afternoon I was watching a music station and there was a 'Top 15' program on. All of the videos fit in the cliché stereotype of a music video: Half naked background dancers and the message that life is PAAARTEEEY!!!

The Weekend

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If free time is the devil, you can imagine how much I am looking forward to the weekend... In the past there has been a very clear pattern: I committed to abstaining on Monday, during the week I'm fine but on the weekend I relapse after which I binge because I promised myself it was going to be the last time and I am going to quit, once and for all, next Monday...

Free time is the devil

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Today I had the afternoon off. I was really looking forward to it. Everything was in order: In the past week I had set-up my workspace, I had collected all my loose ends, I had processed al my important inboxes, I had organised all my outcomes, next actions, reference material... (FYI, this is GTD-talk. These are the 3 first stages of the GTD-cycle). I was totally ready to start reviewing and doing!

The Backlash

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This morning, before noon, I was experiencing a real sense of euphoria: I was singing in my car, the sun was shining, I was laughing with the jokes on the radio... I also felt very energetic and I was being productive, efficient... I felt like a ninja! Wink

The Trap of Euphoria

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Its been a good day. The 'system' that I have developed in a previous post is starting to work... (although it is still being tweaked). I am going to be careful though, it's only day two. In the past I often made the mistake of becoming euphoric after a few good days, thinking to myself: "What was I having so much problems with? This is easy, I can do this for months!".

This time, I'll be more careful.
Its been a good day.
And I'm grateful for it.
That's all...

Good things will happen to the non-masturbators!

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I am not a very religious person. I have a pretty clear interpretation of what God means to me, but this God is so far diluted from the original God of Christianity that I can hardly claim to be a Christian anymore. However, even though I consider myself a very rational person, I can be very superstitious...