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I'm starting a new job at the end of this week waiting tables. I used to be a waiter about 3 years ago when I was a constant PMO'er. The multitasking, fast pace, attitudes from customers, cashing people out, etc. really got to me back then, not realizing that whacking off in front of my computer screen to 2D girls was making everything much more difficult. It was a vicious cycle of stress from work, PMO to alleviate it, not realizing I was making EVERYTHING worse.

I cannot do this without this site. It was this site that made me realize what my problem was. Not sure if I ran into YBOP first or Reuniting first. Either way this is my base. I almost feel as if I run away from my problem by not getting on here. I'm such a mess! One day I say I'm not going to blog here for a while, then another day I say I'm going to blog constantly. This is bullshit I have to blog here often and face my problem. I think subconsciously or my ego or whatever makes me stay away from "thinking" about my PMO problem. Next thing I know my guard is down and that is when my scumbag brain finds the opportunity to bring me back down.

I plan on starting my new job on a good clean streak and keeping it. 40 days was my max. I'm never giving up on myself.

Right now it is 6:20pm where I live and I'm going to go for a good bike ride at the park. As always I will push myself to complete exhaustion peddling up the hills. Normally I would run but I have a minor foot injury so biking will be my way of exercising for at-least the next month or so. Who knows maybe I will make biking into a major part of my workout routine. After the bike ride I will work on my vision board that I will hang on my bedroom wall so everyday I wake up I see it.