I'm Back Feb. 16

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I'm back and with the resolve to beat my pmo addiction once and for all. I just had my last pmo fap at 2:37am after getting home from work. It will be almost two years since I first started this journey. I have had my small successes along the way. Even though I have relapsed many times, I do feel my self a bit different and much better than I was 2 years ago before I even knew I had a problem. Well it is late here, it's 2:53 am or early you can say, and I'm not sure I'm making sense. I need to hit the zzzzzzz.


Thanks for the reminder, I

Thanks for the reminder, I just now finished installing k9 . I generated a password from the random password sites and sent it to my email. On my email I wrote myself a message to not use the password untill 120 days, and reminded myself why I was doing this. Just checking my email and going through the process takes me out of the zoned out P auto pilot mindset. I also set a rule against using my computer at night.