PIV sex! Day 31

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It's 5:00am and I'm just returning home feeling like a champion! My writing might be a little scattered howcome im tired but follow with me.
I had sex tonight for the first time in years after numerous failed P induced ED. This might seem like something menial to most people but to me this is such a huge milestone i just surpassed. Now granted that im on day 31, i have actually been trying to beat PMO for about 3 years now and i finally feel like im on the right track. I would not say that I am cured just yet, but I was able to penetrate successfully and stay 75% erect. It felt sooooooo good to cum in her pussy. I have never in my life done that! Usually it was footjobs, handjobs, and me jerking myself all over them. If I tried to penetrate, I would lose the erection within seconds like a chump! Porn really screwed me up. I feel like a new chapter in my life is beginning. I'm tired everyone. I'll give a more detailed update of my journey tomorrow.

Edit: I'm 31 years old. I have been fighting this addiction since I was 28.


Just put my age on the edit

Just put my age on the edit and the age I found out I had a problem. Right now I do not feel the chaser effect. Zero interest in watching P or even having sex. My libido is low right now. I see that as a sign of my brain is still rewiring. I will not see my lady friend until a week from now. She knows what I'm going through and is very understanding. In the meantime I will work on doing my kegles this week, and focus my energy on my projects, and let the rewiring process continue.