50 Days - No MO

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And just like that, I'm back into a full out, unforgiving flatline. After a couple of consecutive nights of sexual dreams (the first I've had in the reboot), I'm back to feeling down, cranky, and moody. My dick is lifeless, shrunken, and shriveled. My libido is non-existent.

And just when I thought things were starting to look up and the end of ED was near, I realize I've still probably got a long way to go. After all, I was heavy into PMO before I ever got a sexually active relationship. I should have expected 60 days would not cut it.

It's my fault. I felt that undeserved senior-itis coming on. I felt I was getting close to the end and started slacking and losing motivation. I peeked at P here and there. I was heading downhill fast, but I thought I still had a handle on things. Now I think I've probably regressed a ton. I just don't want to justify the MO now because of it.

At least now I've got some motivation back. Trying to shoot for 90 days and see how I feel then.


i am about 50-53 days..

same things happening, erections come n go , mood swings, etc.... why not make it easier and consider PMO as a bad phase of life.. just like people who smoked for a while.. and dont say u cant quit because u r already 50 days through, u broke the barrier. dont rush the healing, y r u rushing it?? do u have a gf? well, if not just take it easy and relax, it will happen whenever ur ready :).

You don't necessarily

have long way to go. Check out the mood chart here. Notice how, near the end, he still had some really bad days. It's just how the brain reboots in some people. Flatlines are probably no different in some folks. Rebooting Accounts

Be optimistic. But realize that you're not safely going to be about to use porn for a very long time...if ever. Did you read this? Why Do I Find Porn More Exciting Than A Partner?

The sensitized pathways are the last to go in addiction recovery. Don't mess around with activating them.