Day 0

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It is day 0 of no P, day 61 of no MO.

Staying away from P and fantasy are definitely the most important aspects of the reboot. I feel like I've been stagnating for weeks now. I'd be in flatline for a while, then I'd start getting P cravings again. I'd peek at less than hardcore stuff - mostly static images - but I could still feel that dopamine rush. Then I'd stop peeking and go back into flatline, just repeating the cycle.

That's been happening the past month.

For as much as I've been peeking - I feel like I might as well be at Day 0 - absolute square one. I'm no better than I was a week into the reboot. I've stalled my progression so much by peeking. It pains me to believe that if it weren't for peeking at P, I may already have reached the point where the ED might have been cured.

So it's Day 0 again. I've set K9 to restrict any and all sites that could even possibly lead me to any of those images. And I've created a much more complex password for myself. I'll keep the no MO number intact for now, but even that seems kind of moot at this point.