From Day 51 to Day 0

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Hi man,

Hi man,
don't beat yourself up. 51 days are a great achievement. Relapse doesn't mean you have wasted everything. These things happen. Get yourself back on track as soon as you can. Try not to binge. The chaser effect can be strong, but it quickly fades away in one or two days.
I wish you luck!


the 51 days of work is not all for not. Avoid the binge - throw you computer out the door! Leave the house. Your brain's weeks of changes have not just suddenly gone away. This is not a house of cards!

Thanks for the support guys.

Thanks for the support guys.

Yeah. The chaser effect has been pretty harsh today. I've just tried to get out and run some errands and stay away from the computer. I'll be logging off as soon as I finish this sentence...

This is easier said then done...

but here is my theory on a binge. Going without Porn is like putting money in the bank. Every day you go porn free you deposit 100 dollars. After 30 days you have 3,000 USD in the savings account. So you end up making a slip up, 1 hour of porn is like spending 700 bucks. Puts you back 1 week. A full out binge will make you go bankrupt, maybe even into the negetive. Trust me, I have taken our several loans to cover my losses if you know what I mean.

But after that initial PMO, we often hear that little voice in our head that says " well shoot, you already PMO'd you may as well go balls to the wall. Pedal to the metal. Go all out. I reset my timer to zero so I may as well binge."

WELL THATS WRONG! Going 50 days then PMOing 1 time will set you back but not all the way. Like the person above me said, STOP THE BLEEDING!

As I said, easier said then done, but true!