Day 7 again, no PMO

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So after your helpful advice on my last post and my need to "keep the revolution going", the personal change in my life will not be complete until I cut out PMO and replace it with real girls.

I have been meeting tons of girls who I find attractive, but I'm not getting much spontaneous penis movement. Except for TODAY when I saw this girl on the bus with a really nice ass and it moved into half erection on its own, and I was happy at that sign -- first time in a while!

It's been a few months since I've tried to have sex without Viagara with a girl (in January) which ended in failure again, which was when I first came upon this site. The last time I was properly laid (with Viagara) was sometime in the fall. And that was good for her cuz Viagara makes you hard but, really, I don't enjoy it at all because it numbs everything and its hard to cum. Besides if you can't do it naturally its BS. As was written in the Great Gatsby, "I am five years too old to lie and call it honour."

So I suppose this new/old plan requires me the hardship of giving up porn, of which the cutting-down in the last few months has been helpful as "practice". But secondly, this plan requires me to close the deal with some new girl ('broke up' with the last girl I was intimate with although we are still really close which is weird) so I've been meeting tons of girls, but not closing any of them... yet. Its a bit of chess match and learning experience with every girl I meet, but I am far from being a pro. But progress, baby, progress.

More importantly, these two goals are related. I realise that I chat up these girls, and there is lots of attraction, but there is an absence in genuine sexual desire on my part -- not because I'm not attracted to them, I am -- because I sort of only get that feeling around porn, or with a long-term girlfriend whom my penis has wired itself too. He has a his own head, the little bastard.

On the plus side, the attractiveness of the girls I am meeting is definitely going up, that's the good news for my game -- I just need my penis to rewire itself to them, which will give me the extra sexual pull to go in for the kill.