Is this Libido? Because it is AWESOME

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I think it's been about 25 or so days of not PMO -- not even M a little. Nothing.

And the side effect has been what I believe to be the restoration of my proper libido. The discomfort from not PMOing and is repaid in full by the ability to genuinely feel sexually attracted to a women. It's like starting to walk again after being paralyzed. It's like seeing for the first time after being blind. It's like hearing music for the first time.

Is this how men went through life before porn? It's like a miracle. And the best part is that the libido was the key ingredient missing from my game. All this time I had been chatting up chicks without giving them a sexual vibe. Before, I used to hear and read about a 'sexual vibe' but couldn't really understand it. It defies all logic, it's nothing I can really explain.

But I know libido has caused me to 'get' women more on a sexual level, and have more fun with them. As a result I have been meeting, vibing, chasing and kissing chicks like mad. I haven't brought anyone home yet, but hell, this sea-change all just happened in the last month or so. And I am confident that I will get laid again soon -- and without using viagara and any bullshit. No more of that. And I am less afraid of not having an erection because, hell, I'm so horny all the time from not PMOing. It's like hunger -- it's not comfortable to be hungry. That's because it mean you need it. The libido is like a new general introduced in the middle of a war, turning the tide of battle - but not rested until the mission is complete.

The most surprising thing is the direct impact of not PMOing on my love life. It's almost poetic, and there are numerous personal and spiritual ramifications, ALL positive. These days, the times that I seem genuinely happy and contented seems to last longer, my feelings of struggle, fewer. Somehow, I understand things differently: all the philosophy I have been reading recently suddenly makes just a little more sense. I am better equipped to rewire my brain to reinterpret formerly emotional painful situations to give a better outcome -- and most of the way I looked at it!! Now instead of it all being about 'not PMOing' its about something bigger. Not PMOing released this wonderful new thing in the journey, and it would be a shame to compromise any part of it by starting to PMO again. You've come too far to give up.

So I pledge to the heavens (and of course this forum) that I will not PMO until after I've gotten legitimately laid. After that, we'll see. But NOT until then. Although I hope 'then' is soon cuz there are these 3 different girls I am into, and they all seem receptive, and I don't want to jinx anything right now -- they are all going fairly well.

This also leads me to speculate that perhaps had I not ever found porn, I would have slept with and gone out with waaaay more woman than I have so far (only had 1 relationship, 5 years).


It's crazy what a new libido

It's crazy what a new libido can do, I'm not as far along as you but I am noticing a lot of the same effects. I've had better luck in the last two weeks than I have in the last two months with women, and I'm discarding a lot of the issues to talked about. Further, I feel like I am exercising not only more, but harder.

Well-written and inspiring post - congrats on the 25 days.