New Member -- Day 9 Reboot

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Hello everyone, I am: addicted_to_pron (I chose this name because, ironically, it was my username on a porn forum for years).

Today is day 9 of my reboot. A little about me: 29 y/o, had ED my whole life, but always blamed it on booze, cigarettes and it never occured that porn addiction was the cause. After another unsuccessful night with my 'Friends with Benefits' (who has been SUPER patient with me) and after getting tired of replying on Viagara to get it up with girls, I decided that enough was enough. Luckily I stumbled upon yourbrainonporn and WebMD and other sites with experiences such as yours.

So this week, I knew I was in for some hell, although I've had no libido all week, I think I went days without popping a boner. This was in contrast to last week where I did a 7 day period of abstaining from all vices, including PMO, where I was nearly dying of horniness and popping raging wood in the morning. What was weird that after PMO after day 7, I felt like I reverted back into my old person, like the spell had worn off. The quote, "How like herrings and onions our vices are in the morning after we have committed them" particularly struck a chord.

It was a Thursday night that I PMO'ed after my 7 day austerity, and Friday when I was again struck with ED with my FWB, and last Saturday was the day that, once and for all, I decided to deal with this. So from last Sat to today (sunday) has been 9 days. So yeah, this week has been total libido shut-down, but I know there is something going on under the surface, something BIG. I have been seeing lots of super fit girls at the gym, out at clubs, and I've been on one date, and I know something is happening inside, like a raging fire that cannot be seen on the surface just yet. Today I was at Starbucks and was talking to this girl I knew, and a wave of horniness just overtook me and it was quite powerful, I had to focus on my thoughts on other things.

So this much to day that on Day 9, I am optimistic, although what's underneath is coming closer to the surface and abstaining from MO will likely get more difficult from here on.