100 Days and In Heavenly Happiness!!!

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Hello Everyone!

I can't be much happier and prouder to announce that I am on 100 days of Recovery! And so so happy that I am able to have Recovered in a happier and optimistic disposition.

I can really say that the success of my Recovery began when I started to Love and Accept myself fully.
Then to count my blessings and being optimistic about life.
I still have instances of uncontrolled anger, but I am happier knowing that I am becoming aware of my reactions and that I am not a slave of impulsive reactions. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP..and that is a great practice!

I am hoping everyone is as happy as I am in Recovering!

Stay happy
Stay positive
Stay in Love!


Very effective!

Thank you very much

My progress is really going great... When I started to fully accept myself, love myself and just enjoy things on a daily basis,not being affected and dragged to sadness about my bad pasts. Optimism made me see the brighter and happier side of life. ANd that welcoming everything and everyday with happiness excitement to new things to learn and discover. Really the negativity has left me. Although during stressful times I get impulsive reactions, but because I am now aware how I am when stressed, I try to do things in a slow pace.

Thanks and I am hoping for your Recovery as well...