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I've had a rough time recently, and it's been so long since I posted; I know I can't do it alone. I think that overall i feel better then I did over the past few years but I know that I still have room to grow. I've mostly blocked all the porn available but I masterbated twice today, once to porn for a few minutes. I spent a lot of time searching though. And I've seen/ searched for porn for the past few days. So tomarrow it's back to day 1.Hopefully this time ends better for me.


Keep it up. Progress not

Keep it up. Progress not perfection. The fact that you are using porn less is a good sign, it can take a long time to undo those old habits, but you are gradually. An occasional slip is nothing compared to the amount of progress you've made.

i feel where you are coming

i feel where you are coming from. it's a tough battle, just keep the determination and focus on the good that success will bring you.

get healthy habits in place that you can jump to when the cravings hit.

self-discipline is difficult, but very rewarding.


On the habits thing. I have a set of little mundane things that i do every day without fail at the same time and they are my anchor.

Day 45 and counting...

Thanks for the comments guys

I go the gymn at least 3 times a week now, and hanging out with friends when the cravings/withdrawls hit me. Reading also helps. Today's day 4 for me. Last night was the worst night for me withdrawl wise I had in a while. Which isn't bad I suppose, as it means that I'm healing.