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Day 30, 40 something

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hey guys

quick update

being doing good, no relapses, no Os

im getting to that really nice calm again where you feel like everything in life is in your control. best feeling in the world

been crazy horny lately. i'm hungry

still no girlfriend or any prospects at all. i had 1 a few months back, but all this life stuff happened to her and she tried to reconnect, i didnt care at the time, moved on to a different set of girls. now going though a voluntary dry season.

still getting my life together and pursuing my career

Day 15

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Going strong, almost buckled last night

going through a TOUGH low right now, but i know to just ride it out as best as i can and it will get better. it always does Smile

masturbating really does create ripple effects

im going to meditate and read a book

Day 97~Destiny

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Weird hiccups/brain ripples are getting easier to ride. Not as bad as usual.

I used to have a million a day. Unconsciously too. Wow. Now I am conscious of it. I do my best to ride the wave. Instead of a million a day, its now one big one that last for 2-5 days. Then it recedes for about 1-2 weeks. Then it comes back. Makes me feel crazy. Way better than the million ripples I would experience in one day. Wow, that was not healthy at all. It was self-destructive.

Ripples are spaced out now.

Lets me know body/mind is healing. Be patient. Trust God, trust process.

Day 78-Still pushing! Some good realizations!

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Okay, I am at a breaking point. I've been saying it for months: I have to get a gym membership. I have wayyyy to much sexual energy pent up. I've been doing that one technique where you have the energy flow to your head....pretty awesome!

So yea, tomorrow I am starting up; no questions asked!

I still get these really weird waves of weirdness, like impeding doom. I'm realizing those waves were always there. It being brought to my consciousness.

Day 71- Seriously???? I'm 2 for 2!

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A very beautiful woman number closed ME today.

She approached me. I didn't say more than three sentences and she number closed me. Blushing, smiling, the whole nine yards. She has been texting me all day.

Plus, she is super duper beautiful. I'm blown away by this.

Best part is, I am taking it slow. It feels so much more natural this way (I usually head straight for the sex.)

I am really understanding the cliche-"Slow and steady wins the race"

Day 70- Ease on the down the road

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I got approached by a really hot chick yesterday. She approached me!!! Felt like the old days when I first started No PMO.

What is awesome about it is the fact that I am NOT going in for the kill immediately (I would always be aggressive about sex from the beginning).

I actually want to start a friendship and let the embers roast slowly. It feels normal to do it that way. It feels right. It feels good. No pressure, no rush.

Day 68

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I think I am finally getting used to life without orgasm. Its pretty sweet over here.

Landed a pretty cool job.

Really strong sense of wellbeing.

I used to laugh at people when they became angry. Now, I laugh at myself when I get angry. It's so pointless. As soon as I start, I hear my myself and start laughing because it is becoming out of character for me.

The power of now? Alpha male awesomeness? Yes, its thats liberating and awesome.

Day 60- Whew

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Wow. 60 Days with no orgasm. That is a huge milestone for me.

Just giving some updates.

+super horny all the time now. I am finally glimpsing my libido. I am a huge horn dog. It has a different quality to it. I can control it as compared to sneaking to the bathroom with my android phone to watch some porn every time i get horny. This is normal 24 year old libido. Huge difference. Feels good. Before it was weird and shameful. Now I feel like a cave man. Its so cool.

Day 49-Life just keeps getting better

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Hey guys,

everything is going well. i feel great. relaxed, confident, a supreme knowing that everything will work out...even better than my expectations Smile

my skin looks amazing, i am visibly glowing, i naturally stand taller, my voice sounds amazing, i feel like a genius, my talking skills have improved by a long shot, people are a million times nicer to me, i handle my emotions a kajillion times better.