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Hopeless Romantic that I am, I tried NS again with "The Wedding" and am reminded why I gave up on him. I'm thinking the story could be renamed "The Apology: How I Made Amends to My Wife After Screwing Up". My problem is deeper. It has to do with myth the unloved child believes: If I Do Everything Right, She will Love Me. In the story, he does do everything right. Much like I wanted to do everything right on this karezza path. For me, I think it might be better to stop seeing the Golden Boy as the paragon and start looking to the smelly, dirty, homeless man. The man who is not seen as eyes slide past. That man who feels loved, what can he teach me?


Dat Guy

He came to me this morning, the aesthetic who owns nothing, homeless.
He showed me morning sun as the gentle moving shadow of pine needles on the birch cabinet door.

Morning fog

fills the canyon, grey turning to pink at dawn. Tall fir and rounded oak lightly veiled. The creeks are loud in their fullness.
I stand on the deck barefoot and shirtless (that's about as close as I'm going to get to a cold shower) as I sling cat shit from the litter box into the woods. I do this for her......(I mean the cat. She is really old and afraid to go out at night).