Brain Plasticity

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I've been pondering the idea of brain plasticity which I understand is at the root of why people are concerned about pornography. If the brain is plastic then you can program it. Pornography programs it through passive visualization in a certain direction with certain predictable (and not so healthy) results.

It seems to me to be at the root of how Louise Hay's affirmations work too. If you make statements in the present tense (and/or visualizations), I imagine that they are setting new neural pathways in the brain that set a new direction and end up contributing to a new future. It's somewhat reassuring to think that I can program my brain to do what I want it to do. If the statements (or visualizations) have some emotional energy behind them, are stated in the positive and backed up with action, they are pretty powerful and can do me a lot of good.

I guess it's mostly a question of figuring out who's boss and where I want to go.

I kind of like being the boss over my own bodymind. Smile


Yep...same concept

A few years back some study showed that therapy and drugs both caused brain changes. For more on brain plasticity see The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge.

Another thought

I've also used smiling as a mood changer. It's hard to be depressed when you are smiling. Perhaps we can add a wide smile to the positive statements when we are trying to create a new habit.