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Hi y'all,

A friend of mine showed me this. I thought it might interest some of you.




There's so much confusion out there

Note that she misses the obvious: that things declined from the start of the relationships to later in them. She also assumes libidos are fixed, rather than malleable. And she may not realize that some of her voraciousness is really cravings brought on by desensitization from over...use.

I don't blame her for being confused. It's damned confusing. But there is actually enough science out there for people to begin to understand this...if they weren't so confident of their (mis) interpretations.

I like this quotation: "The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance---it is the illusion of knowledge." ~ Daniel Boorstin

No kidding!

The piece I find disturbing, is that we frequently equate love and sex. Sex can serve love, but love is much vaster and much closer to a pursuit hinging on the commitment of the individual to it. We also structure our communities around sexual relations not love relations. The people in this article seem to fixated on sexual intercourse. The whole bonding piece that you recommend is missing entirely!

I found it intriguing that they were talking about a sex addicted woman and frigid men. New twist on an old problem. Maybe at some point, hopefully before they kill each other, they'll see the value of your approach.

I really like the quote on page 12 of Peace by Herbert Spencer. It's remarkable to me, how few people are open to experimentation.