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Hi y'all,

I kind of reached a turning point a little while ago and decided that the lack of local support for male survivors of sexual abuse really was no longer acceptable to me. I have really explored all local sources of support and they all fall short of satisfactory. Not being able to travel pretty much limits me to the local scene. So I decided to break out of my fear of community and start looking for ways for the provincial support organization for male survivors in British Columbia (http://bc-malesurvivors.com/) to have their services provided here. They told me that they've been wanting to create a branch office where I live for a while now. Funding is the limiting factor. So I've started searching for funds and partner organizations and am making some good progress. It's certainly freeing me of my fear of family and empowering me to create my own (and much healthier) reality than the one that is readily available locally (or was ever available in my family of birth).

If any of you know of promising leads to follow to fund a healing program for male survivors in south central British Columbia Canada, please let me know.




Good luck with that

Sounds like a good step for you.

What's the Canadia equivalent of United Way? What about connecting with some of the organizations that support female survivors and asking them what they'd recommend? Men's rights advocates?


HI Marnia,

Yes it is. It snaps me out of my fear and the belief that I'm stuck in childhood (This has been a very powerful belief in me since the community context that hurt me in my youth still exists to a very large degree (1.Women and particularly mothers can't be perpetrators of sexual violence against their kids 2. Men can't be hurt 3. Men's healing doesn't matter 4. Sex is women's work 5. The only place to get physical nurturing is through a woman. etc...)).

Thanks for your ideas. I've connected with our local United Way. I've also connected with NOW (New Opportunities for Women) Canada and the John Howard Society (men). I'm doing lots of work researching funding leads and connecting with local partner organizations. I just thought I'd put out the word in case someone just happened to know of a good lead. Thanks for your help.



PS: CuddleParty is coming to this area soon from out of town. Hopefully it'll fly. Cross your fingers please!