My Body and Me

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Rachel got me to dust off my Eckhart Tolle books and dive into them again. It was a great idea. There's lots in his writings that is very relevant to me these days.

He wrote a fair amount about becoming aware of and letting go of what he calls "The pain body". He gave me some insights into what the signs of it being activated are in me. Anger is a key flag. He also talked of the body being a "portal" to our True Nature and Inner Peace. This intrigued me and is proving to be a catalyst for a major change in my attitude towards my body.

It's a little embarassing that I haven't seen this earlier given all the time I've explored the Osho phenomenon but perhaps it was just a case of right thing at the right time. My attitude towards my body has generally been one of indifference when its working well. When it's not, I'm generally angry at it, fearful of it, or feeling guilty that I've failed it. All of these reflect a less than friendly connection and a vertical power structure (someone is on top and the other is underneath). Tolle's description of the body being a "portal" to the divine got me thinking of it in terms of an equal partner in my spiritual interests. This is a very different dynamic and much gentler. So I've been exploring this new relationship and it seems to be bearing fruit.

Thanks Rachel for suggesting I look into Eckhart Tolle again. I'm enjoying the reading very much.




You're welcome~~

His writings have helped me immensely, too, more than I could ever put in words here. I feel very free now and the surrender I have to everything in life carries over to my karezza experiences with my lover, as well.

I'm glad you are feeling the benefits that I have and I hope you continue onward and upward, Arnold!