Power dynamics

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As I explore the local First Nations community, I'm seeing the effect of power politics and how fearful of them I am. As a white male I tend to be viewed at the top of both the racial totem pole and the gender hierarchy. What is often ignored is that white males were once small babies and very much at the bottom of the power hierarchy. Our need for healing is often unconscious and when exposed, often unwelcome and unsupported.

The First Nations Friendship Centre here has a very good mission statement: to provide support for the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of all people through the development of community based services, while encouraging the community to preserve, share, and promote Aboriginal cultural distinctiveness.

I would like to add: and do what is necessary to move towards a world in which all voices are heard, respected and included in decision-making processes where all life is cherished.

I wish there was something similar for gender relations. It seems to me that, similar to many aboriginal cultures, femininity is a species at risk of extinction and similar to race relations, health in this domain is still in its infancy.