Small Success!

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Hi y'all

I have been struggling with the lack of safe non-sexual touch in my community and was expressing this at a local men’s group I attend (Women are very challenging for me (relatively unsafe) as I am recovering from the effects of childhood abuse). My Naturopath had suggested that expressing my needs in community was success in itself and so I was experimenting with this concept. Recently a fellow offered to do a Reiki/Quantum Touch healing trade with me and so we did! Relief!





Hi Marnia,

It was great! A big relief. He's good at it. I'm still negotiating communication in the men's group about this experience. I'm quite open about myself but I'm concerned about exposing the guy who volunteered to help me. It's clearly a delicate topic around men and I fear homophobic anger doing some damage. So far so good. It's a work in progress. Thanks for asking!