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I came across a really interesting news article on Yahoo! Quebec (they tend to have stuff that is related to sexuality and intimate relations more often than the English sites do!).

It was about a new service available near Rochester New York: a woman is offering non-sexual cuddles at $60/hour. I've asked her if she has a package deal for people who need three weeks of sleeping together (no sex) or if she knows of other healing centres that do offer this kind of service. I'm curious to hear what she'll say.

Check out her website:




Sex obsessed women

I have the same problem Freedom. I find that most women can't imagine that a man would want anything other than quick, no commitment, sex. They fear getting into a situation where they'll get tricked into sex. Given the behaviour of the vast majority of men, is it all that surprising? I suppose if money entered the picture, it might convince them that there is something of value in it for the man. At least he's getting paid, if not laid! Smile

Professional snuggling

Hi Marnia,

I looked into this with a few of the healing practitioners I see and found out that even though the need for non-sexual cuddles in women is real and men around here are known to hire prostitutes to meet their needs, women in relationships are too afraid to hire someone to meet their needs at this level. Single women seem to have trouble trusting the idea. The homophobic fears of men are far too great to allow any kind of snuggling between men. Looks like there isn't a market in this town. Bible belts are very wierd places! Sigh! I've dropped this idea and am moving on to other ways of approaching the issue.

Thanks for the idea!





I'm sorry it didn't work out too. Conservative social environments are really wierd. I realize that I am profoundly allergic to politics of any kind. Most intimate relationships have an element of politics integrated into them. People in this town don't seem to be interested in anything else! No wonder this place has a reputation for being unfriendly.

My mother's presence is working out well as far as it goes. She's very helpful with some of the basic chores that I don't have the energy to do. She also is very helpful financially. She got my hopes up by meditating with me one day. That didn't last. She's clearly not a meditator. Oh well, she does what she can. I'm clearer on what she is and isn't capable of. Finding people who share my interests more strongly is pretty crucial to my long-term well being. In the meantime, I meditate and heal myself.

Thanks for writing.

Love, your friend,



I went through two flare-ups in the last year and a half. Over the summer I was introduced to a relatively new approach to healing called "GAPS" (Gut and Physiology Syndrome see: The diet is really strict but I started it in July and it seems to be strong enough to keep me off the worst of the drugs so far. Journey Work came to town in September. That has been helpful for the psycho-emotional aspects of healing and the social aspects weakly. Another approach to healing came to my attention more recently (see: and has helped with some aspects of the GAPS approach that I hadn't seen before.

All in all, I'm off all the meds except a relatively mild one. My diet is very restricted, but I seem to able to keep at it and heal very slowly. Hopefully I'll be able to expand on it soon. Getting on top of my mood is challenging. So far, kids animated videos seem to help. If I watch adult flims, the sex, the romance, and/or the violence get me down. Kids' stuff often has a playful warm-hearted innocence to it which is good for me.


My diet is following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The theory behind it is to remove sources of food for pathogenic bacteria and yeasts in the gut. This is mostly the grains and complex sugars. It was a huge part of my diet. I get most of my calories from fats and oils right now.

I am currently at a very introductory (and hence very limited in variety) stage of the diet as I attempt to stabilize my digestion, detoxify my body and alter the fauna and flora of my gut. So effectively I am eating no foods of the Nightshade family. Perhaps later I will introduce eggplants and then maybe later tomatoes. Only potatoes are specifically mentioned as a food to avoid. That's because of their high starch content.

I've heard that the nightshades can cause problems in some people. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there and incorporate them or not depending on how my body reacts to them.

Thanks for your interest. I hope that was what you were looking for.