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I thought some of you might find this interesting:




The Mask you Live In

Thanks Marnia,

No, I haven't but it's on my "To Do" list now! It looks interesting.

I had an interesting event happen along these lines recently. A new men's group I've been attending has a shamanic feel to it as directed by the facilitator. He invites us to get in touch with four archetypes: Warrior, Healer, Earth Bound Human, and Visionary. He does this by getting us to identify related symbols that seem to fit for us (weapon, medicine, jewel, and candle). I spent a long time on the weapon. Traditional weaponry doesn't work well for me. I grew up around too much of it and rejected it all. Parts of my masculinity went with it. In the end, I settled on a mask. The mask of my ego, which hides some parts of myself and displays others so as to win favour with other people. It's a lie and a political tool, but a very convincing one for me. It can be very difficult to take off at times, or even realize that I'm wearing it.

I'm curious what the film has to say about masks! Thanks for the lead!



The Mask You Live In

Hi Marnia,

Actually I have seen it. It premiered here in September. Jackson Katz showed it as part of a public talk he gave one evening at our community college. I thought some of the scenes in the trailer looked familiar. I'd love to see it again. I've got it on order from our library.

Have you seen "Facing Fear"? (see: It's an amazing movie about how two very different young men (homeless homosexual and a suburbanite skin-head) clash, then reconnect years later and eventually find forgiveness and mutual support. It's well worth watching too.