60 days no PMO starting 2/20

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I decided to do the full 60 days and thought it might beneficial to make a blog to chart my progress and also as added motivational endeavor. My initial attempt at pmo went about 3 weeks/26 days or so before some binging. Since then I have managed to pull off sporadic pmo(3 days, 6 days, 11 days) and on reflection I have to say that the actual lure of porn is leaving me! But I've also found out that masturbation(w/out visual stimulation) still seems to trigger a porn craving eventually, so I need to kick that habit as well.

Starting 2/20 my plan include(besides the obvious no PMO!)

*30 minutes minium of aerobic exercise
*No caffeine at all
*Increased outside activity, even if its just visting a shop.
* I'll have a bottle of cold water in my room at all times to douse any fires! ;P

Daily or nightly I'll be journaling anything noteworthy or just pop in to say I did it(no PMO) for that day.

Good luck to everyone else with your efforts!


Well..Day 1 went fine but day

Well..Day 1 went fine but day 2 I m'd(no porn whatsoever though). On the pluse side I've been doing over the 30 mins min. for exercise and I have to say I can feel my mood getting bettter after these sessions. I'm debating now whether to start anew(60 days no PMO) or just keep going my original 60 day no PMO and count day 2 as a hiccup. It's a little frustrating having one stupid moment set you back to zero :(