Day 16!<<<Better than before!

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Hi everyone, haven't posted in a while as I thought it would be counterproductive until I achieved some concrete results. I am now closing on day 16 of no porn. I decided to not worry so much about the no masturbation part and oddly enough I have found that this time around i have absolutely no desire to view porn(though I am also careful to avoid any stimulus that could prove tempting) and I just wanted to share how happy I am at not only the16 days(I've had a lot of stop go no pmo previously) but at the fact that I literally have no urge to view porn at all, even when in an aroused state.

This seems to be working well,do you guys think its a must to incorporate no MO into the routine eventually?


Do what works for you

In general, however, if you were having sexual performance problems, you may ultimately have to cut out masturbation, too, for a while. For now, just keep going!

How frequently are you masturbating and are you using porn fantasy?

When I have relapsed(MO that

When I have relapsed(MO that is, not PMO) its only been once a day(before I'd have the urge to do it at least 2-3 times even if I wasn't in an aroused state) and those were on days 3,4,9,12,13,15. I'll be on day 18 tomorrow.

I have made 100% sure not to masturbate to porn/sexual imagery of any kind, including porn fantasy.

Part of rebooting

is not following every urge to its natural conclusion. Smile The reason is that cravings are addiction related, and not true libido. Very confusing, but it's important to figure out the difference, or you can end up chasing your tail. Binges sound more like cravings.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback marnia. I think your right, at least I got part of the program down for good it seems, if only I can incorporate and stick to the no MO part. Sounds like i need more distractions! :( lol