Entry 2: First week sucessful

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It's been seven successful days without PMO.

I've logged on every other day or so to check out other people's posts. There are a lot of people on here going through the reboot! Pornography is said to be a multi-billion dollar industry, but I wonder what the economic costs (health care expenditures, decreased work productivity), and social costs (decreased life productivity, low self-esteem, failed relationships, etc.) truly are.

Anyway, my first week went well. Notes/observations, in point form:

- Urge to PMO has increased gradually throughout the week, which makes sense because a week was normally the longest I would go without it. But definitely not overwhelming so far.
- Had morning erections the past 4-5 mornings, waking me up before my alarm. That is unusual for me, although it could be just that I am paying attention now.
- Have been going to bed earlier. I find it's 10pm and I have nothing else urgent to do - usually there are chores or emails or something, but I think not spending 45mins-1hr looking at P has freed up some time. This is great. More sleep than I've ever had!
- My ex sent me a DVD of photos from a boudoir photo shoot. I promptly buried it behind a bookshelf. Looking at the photos would have ended the streak for sure!
- No changes observed in normal life, social interactions, etc. But I didn't really have any complaints there.

From the sounds of it, there are bound to be tough times ahead, so I'll accept this easy week graciously and move on.


Thnx for the support man,we

Thnx for the support man,we are all in this togeather,and I know this is going to be hard journey.As The Cat Man said,we need to take our thougts off our dicks.I did not imagine that porn will do this to me.Billions of dollars industry,plus ED drug industry,I do not want this to sound like a conspiracy theory,but I think both industries are aware of side effect of porn,they keep silent because they make money on poisoning us on our own choice.Mankind must be warned about these dangers,hope one day we will come to our senses...