week 6, day 6: unexpected turn of events...

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Being it a Saturday, the plan was to spend some hours with my couch surfer C in the morning and maybe have lunch with her. I had a booking at a chinese/vietnames place for lunch with some expats, but was not sure if I was able to bring her. I asked the organizer, and fortunately there was a place, so we agreed to go there.

We had a very long breakfast and we chatted a lot. The BO gone (thank god it was due to traveling), I was able to focus on her. She turned out to be a very interesting person and much younger than I expected (I thought she was around 30, but she was only 24!). She is an avid surfer from the western coast of France and told me about her difficult teenage year, her involvement with drugs and alcohol during her teenage years, her ambitions and dreams. She was a really wonderful soul. I also felt comfortable enough to let her a bit into my world (but no mention of rebooting and stuff like that, just about my conflict of interest, my too many hobbies, etc...)

It took us about half an hour of walking to reach the restaurant. We talked a lot during the walk, and she told me about the book called "The dice man", where the protagonist tried to lead a life that was completely decided by the tossing of a dice. The way she talked about it, it seemed to be a very fascinating book. Note to self: remember to read it.

The restaurant turned out be amazing. Very cheap and really delicious stuff. There were three Chinese in our group and they helped in ordering a variety of dishes that we shared. It was not a good idea to have the big breakfast with C, and we were completely stuffed after the lunch.

By that time, I was getting a bit attracted to C, and felt like spending more time with her, so I decide to go with her to an island in western part of Stockholm that is very known for its nature and nice walking paths. Unfortunately, the snow has turned icy, and it was very difficult to walk, and the shoes I had were really not so suited for such a surface. At one point, I was almost falling and she caught me and we walked for a while arm in arm. The attraction was becoming even stronger. I took her to a small garden. Last time I was there was in the summer, and it was a very beautiful sight. Oh God, it was completely gone, no sign of the flowers at all, everything was dead or covered in snow. There was an instance or two, when I was tempted to kiss her (we were standing on top of some hill, looking over the Baltic sea and central Stockholm, I standing a bit behind her, she a further down the hill, which evened out the height difference), but I didn't.

It was rather cold and we went home around 6:00pm. We continued chatting over some tea, mostly about music stuff. The tension was becoming a bit too much, and at some point, I just said I want to dance to this song (Louis Armstrong's version of La vie en ros was playing). It was a slow, close dance and about a minute later we were kissing. I think it was the first time for me to kiss a girl taller than me, and was a bit awkward. I told her about it, and she was laughing about it, and told her, we should go to bed to make it simpler.

While we were making out, she told me that she just started having her period in the morning. Normally, that would have turned me off a bit, but since it has been more than a year since I had sex, it didn't register at all. She could have been pregnant, and I wouldn't have cared more. After about 15 minutes of foreplay, she asked if I had a condom, and I took one from the drawer by my bed side. But I said something like "I want to taste the real you first" and continued a bit without condom. It is such a foolish thing to do, and quite a risky business, but I always do this at the beginning, because I am afraid of losing the erection while trying to put a condom. After few minutes, I was confident enough and put the condom on. At the beginning I was going fast, but she told me to take it easy, and that calmed me down a bit. So it turned out to be OK sex after all.

After that we cuddled and talked a lot, silly stuff. i don't remember how exactly it started, but we ended up talking about body parts and which ones we want to change. She mentioned that she would have liked her boobs to be bigger (yeah, they were rather small, and the fact that she was tall made them look even smaller). It was my turn and I said my dick, and she asked, do you really think it matters? I was honest and told her that sometimes when I am with white girls, I feel the pressure because I think that they expect something more. She was laughing and saying how foolish I am. It was actually very refreshing, have never told any girl that before. We went up to eat something quick, and then back to bed again. We fell asleep soon, embracing each other tightly.


How wonderful

Great to hear your terrific adventure and how well it all went. It is so nice to read.  And what a confidence booster especially about the condom. I've really enjoyed reading your accounts and am so thrilled for you.