week 7 day 7 + week 8

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If I want to catch up with the blogging, I have to summarize all these into one entry

week 7 day 7
went to speed dating for the first time with my French friend G. Too many things to write about this event, but really not have the time to go to details. All in all, it was fun. There were 18 girls, and of those around 8 were outright NOs from the looks perspective. One was very hot, three were quite OK, and the rest were not that bad. The time per set was three minutes, at first I that felt like very short. But I was proven wrong with the second girl I talked with, Oh my God, it felt like eternity. I almost shouted to the organizers, come on ring the fucking bell! There were two more like her, but the rest were really fun. The conversation flowed very naturally, and we were laughing most of the time. At the end, I put "yes" to 7 of the girls (the four attractive ones, and three others with whom I had a really fun conversation with).

Week 8
The speed dating results came on Tuesday, and I had only two matches. I must say that I was disappointed a bit because I was expecting much more. But the good thing was that it was the two prettiest girls. I immediately wrote to #1, just telling her I would like to meet soon for coffee. Later in the afternoon I talked with G, and it was a bit disturbing to find out that she was also one of his matches (he also got two matches only). On top of that, he told me my other match (lets call her #2) is actually a friend of #1 (they told him that during the talk). Ah, I was double fucked it seemed. We agreed with G that we would proceed as if we dont know about it (that we are both a match for #1), and see how it goes. I also decided to write to #2, without mentioning that I am also writing to her friend #1. Hmmm... I am almost sure I have seen a mexican soap opera that starts with a story line like that!:-)

Anyways, #1 has not replied yet, #2 replied during the weekend but it was very formal and somehow annoying because she mentioned that she was actually not from Stockholm and was just visiting a friend. She will be back to her city, which is 500Km away, in about a week. So I replied to her to be polite, but don't have any intention of working on that. So it seems the soap opera had only one episode:-) Unless G ends up with #1 (I have not checked with him on how it went... I will meet him this weekend)

On Wednesday, I went to a bar with F1 (my first Italian friend and colleague) where a live Karaoke band was playing. I also invited J, a girl from Cameron which is a friend of a friend. I met her at my birthday party in October, and we have exchanged few messages on facebook). She is actually very pretty, tall skinny girl that looks a bit like a model and always with a big smile. But I never thought of working on her as she was a good 5cms taller than me. But that day, she was looking stunning, and I started thinking why not. Also, I was in a great mood, and sang James Brown's I feel good ( I got you) with the band. It was great. I think that might have been the first time I didnt feel afraid while singing on stage. I felt like a rock star, smiling down at J all the time. When J went to get a drink, F said, man do something, i will leave you guys alone. He left immediately after she returned with her drink. We stayed at the bar for about one hour more, listening to the band playing with some other karaokers, some very bad, others amazing covers.

When we left around 23:30, we were in the middle of conversation about soul music, and I was quite surprised to hear that she didn't know Al Green. So I put on "Simply Beautiful" on my mobile and gave her one of my earphones plugs and we started listening while walking to the metro. I stopped her and said actually we have to dance to this song, and started dancing in the middle of the pedestrian street. She was laughing and talking a lot, saying this is crazy blah blah... I was teasing her by saying "shut up and dance" and that made her laugh even more. Then I said something like, "I see only one way to shut you up properly" and started kissing her. Her response took me by surprise, her tongue was half down my throat so to say. I actually like to kiss very slow at first, so that kinda of startled me. But soon it went a bit better. We continued dancing and making out to that song. That was really delicious!:-)
We made out some more at some dark corner and went to the metro. We were headed different directions, so we said bye and agreed to go dancing together on Saturday.

On friday morning, I went to see a physiotherapist as I had a shin splint injury and it was hampering my running. He was a rather tall and good looking guy and I think that kinda fired my memories of all the massage followed by sex porn scenes. I was actually thinking, if this guy started touching me and wanted to do something, I will let him do it. It was a very confusing moment. Anyways, he was really good at his job, and he gave me a good massage on the calves and shins(the most painful massage ever, I was sweating like hell and cried a little bit).He also recommended me to reduce my running for about a week or two, and gave me some exercises which can help me strengthen my leg and glut muscles (seems I have muscle imbalance on the left and right leg, as I always get injured on the left side).

I didnt go out on Friday, and instead I watched "the Artist" and slept before midnight. It was so refreshing to sleep so good and long on a Friday night.

On Saturday, I was feeling a bit anxious because I have not got a confirmation from Jo about the dance (I have written her on friday the address and what time we have to meet). But she replied around 11 in the morning, and i went on a frenzy of cleaning that took about 3 hours. My apartment was as good as new, shining and smelling so nice from all the incenses and the aromatic candles I have fired up. I went for a bit of running, as the weather was really nice, and it didn't hurt that much.

We were supposed to meet at 19:15 at a metro stop, and I was running late. I left home around 19:13 and was running a bit when I received her text saying she will be 10-15 minutes late. I relaxed and wrote to her not to worry. Lets not go into details, but she came around 20:00, and told me that things have not been going so well for her that day (missing two trains, she has a good cut on one of her fingers while she was cooking dinner, ....)

Anyways, she was really different from Wednesday, rather distant and not the super happy girl I knew. The dance we were trying were batchata and it is a very sensual dance and I was trying to get close to her and gauge her reaction, but she was still not responding. So I kinda get bored after a while and settled down on some sofa at the corner and was talking with her. We had fun talking about this and that, I was caressing her hands, looking in her eyes, trying to see if anything changes...Nada. I said, OK, today is not the day then. We left the club around 11:00, and I kinda held her hand for a while on the way to the metro, she was not resisting but it just didnt feel right as I was not getting any feedback, so I let her hands go.

In the train, we talked a bit, I give her a very quick kiss goodbye and left. A bit down because I thought it was gonna be the night!

Sunday, I met the two Fs and their gfs, at my place. We had some tea and then we walked around my neighborhood, and then stopped by a nice cafe for a couple of hours of nice talking and catching up. It was really great, but a little part of me was a bit jealous of the two happy couples.

After that I went to a party organized by the language exchange group that I am attending. THe party was at the same bar as wednesday and the same live karaoke band was playing. So I ended up singing a couple of songs, one with a beautiful Indian American girl I met there (another confusion added to my list!). There were also three or four other interesting women I met there... one indonesian, maybe in her late thirties, but very pretty (it turns out she come to sweden because of her boy friend, which made her even more attractive as one of my long time fantasies has been becoming a love to an already taken woman....)..the others were American and Icelandic, not as attractive as the Indian or the Indonesian, but still quite nice...anyways, I didnt want to add anything to my confusion, so didnt try to exchange any contacts. However, just as I was leaving, the american girl started collecting our emails because she thought it would be fun to hang out again...arrrgh...