A Sleeping Posture that has Worked Very Well for us

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What follows is a sleeping posture that has worked very well for us for 10 to 12 weeks:

As more and more tension has left our bodies with daily karezza lovemaking, we have gotten more and

more used to the continual sensations of deep relaxation, and one night when we went to bed, without any

prior thought, we instinctively started to seek out a way that we could have a deep physical contact while

we slept, and yet be utterly relaxed with no tension whatsoever. It only took a minute or two.

We both lay flat on our back with our bodies forming a slight V shape. My leg closest to her is slightly bent

and she lays her thigh in the hollow where my inner thigh joins my torso. We adjust slightly if needed until it

feels perfect -- sometimes, as she rolls her leg slightly away from me and then drops it into place, it's

perfectly positioned with mine the first try. My beloved's subconscious works very well when she's asleep,

so we can do this even when I follow her to bed 2 or 3 hours later.

When we sleep like this it's so relaxing, and I often wake up in the early morning with a firm erection. I ask

her if we can spoon, she turns on her side, and I enter effortlessly. (she puts walnut oil on her labia liberally

before she goes to bed) Another variation is for her to also lay her hand gently over my penis, although the

positioning of her hand and arm can be a little bit tricky. (the times that she has done this our polarity is

even more amazing) One weekend morning we woke up and my penis was like a magic magnetic wand --

all I had to do was rub the head lightly on her thigh and it sent energy up and down throughout her body.

We have previously fallen asleep together several times in the scissors position and slept that way until we

fell away from each other in our sleep. That was the best option we had found at that point in our journey,

but even then I sensed a certain low level of tension in turning my body to join with her in scissors. We now

both much prefer this more relaxing way to maintain contact while we sleep. It is so pleasant to fall asleep

like this !!