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How do you resist the urge to look at porn?

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I know that's the key... the absolute crucial ingredient to win this battle... but how on earth do you manage to do it?

I'm on day 5, currently having ridiculously enticing porn 'flashbacks' of one particular video. I know it's just a few types in the address bar away and it's taking every ounce of willpower in my mind to not succumb to it.

Had successful intercourse for the first time ever (in dream only)

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I've had plenty of sexual dreams but they never involve intercourse (or they do but I go limp). Usually they're either blowjobs or me performing cunnilingus or something else sexual in nature. I can stay hard enough irl if I'm getting a blowjob but of course not for the real deal.

I was gonna make a new account but fuck it I'm back

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Hello friends, long time. I'm back aboard the no pmo train. As the title of this entry says I was thinking about making a new account altogether as a sort of symbolic fresh start (and to hide the embarrassment of going so long without any successful results - the maximum I've ever made it is still 7 days) but this will have to do as I don't have another fake email address to use hah.

Failed and binged again, goddammit.

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Day 4. Typical.

Well I feel terrible as usual. I just can't quit this stuff. If this is how a cigarette addict feels then I can understand his/her pain. I just really really like porn I guess what can I say? The worst thing is, just after 4 days without it I start feeling kind of low. There's this emptiness that I start to feel in my life that's made much more apparent without porn. Shows how much of a big factor this stuff is in my existence. Clearly I use it to feel better and fill a void without even realising it.


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I'm an attractive fucking man who can't get it up! I get signals women practically every time I leave my house! I know this sounds like bullshit but I swear I am just saying it how it is! Girls smile at me all the time! Today for instance I was sitting in Caffe Nero reading Slaughterhouse-Five just minding my own business and this absolutely beautiful girl walks in and sits down right next to me. I hadn't noticed her walk in as I was reading.

Day 7!

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Now for those of you who follow this blog a little (nobody), you'd know that I've only ever made it to day 7 TWICE since starting nofap. Obviously that's pathetic, but nonetheless here I am and I'm proud that I've finally made it here again. When I hit day 8 tomorrow, it will be a new record and milestone, as every day following that will be.

Really worried...

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I've recently discovered a new community for those suffering with porn induced erectile dysfunction (PIED). It's a forum and I've registered there. Many of you have probably heard of it already.

I've noticed how insanely active it is so that gives me some hope... I guess. Knowing that more and more people are dealing with this problem makes me feel a bit better.


day 3

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Just thought I'd mention I'm on day 3. I'm horny as hell. Plus I did some mad squats at the gym yesterday and I think they spiked my testosterone.

I'm horny. How the fuck do people get past this shit? I earnestly believe nofap is harder on me than anybody who's ever done this, ever. EVER.

I am seriously in hell right now, and it's only day 3!

A Painful Dream

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There were two girls in my life that I wanted more than anyone else to be in a relationship with. One of them was a close friend of mine whom at some point I was pretty much in love with. She was a blonde, Norwegian girl with the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen (and they still are). I had a real chance with her. We were intimate and extremely close without ever actually having sex, obviously due to my 'condition'. We used to sleep in the same bed and we had kissed many times while we were drunk.