Clarification: I'm on day 5 NOW

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Looks like I jumped the gun a little bit. As uninteresting as it is, here's why.

My sleeping pattern is fairly reversed these days as I'm abroad and I haven't bothered fixing it. I'm sleeping around 5-6 am (yeah I know, not healthy, but that's the time things happen here with my friends at night on the weekends) which is around 12-1 am in my country of domicile. My last fap happened at around 5 am on the 18th of April. Since I went to sleep after and woke up after 8 hours, I called that 'Day 1' even though it was technically the same day. It should have been called day 0 until after the 24 hours had passed. As it's the 23rd now and has been a solid five days and nearly 12 hours since the last PMO, I can say with confidence that I've been going five days. It's not a big deal, especially in the grand scheme of things, but I might as well be accurate as possible.

I'm not feeling that horny at all right now. The urge to fap seems to be gone. Yesterday before sleeping I saw over half of the movie 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' (Fincher's version) and got a woody at the lesbian/club scene. I did some minor stroking but stopped immediately. Apart from that I really can't report any horniness. I had a minor semi this morning but no accompanying urge to fap. This is kinda odd for me because other times I've made it to five days I've been in absolute hell whereas right now it seems to dwindling. Maybe I'm starting to enter the flatline stage.

Other things that are different: my voice seems a bit deeper and I've found myself having to restrain it from being too loud. I seem to have more confidence, too, and have a greater desire to meet people. I'm definitely more social and I'm finding myself less content to sit on the internet all day - I feel like I should actually be doing something now. However, I'm also a bit more on edge and confrontational which aren't good things.

EDIT: Also, I seem to have more energy and am more alert and a bit sharper. Not much but I think it's enough to notice, placebo effect or not. My body also feels more... solid somehow, like my gym gains are more substantial. My appetite seems to have decreased as well and last night it took me longer to fall asleep.

On we go.


Good job

tracking your progress. It's truly a new world, and yet the change is so subtle that you may barely notice if you don't track the changes for yourself.

Grabbing all opportunities to socialize should help put you at ease. Those are the rewards your brain is really looking for.