Day 7!

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Now for those of you who follow this blog a little (nobody), you'd know that I've only ever made it to day 7 TWICE since starting nofap. Obviously that's pathetic, but nonetheless here I am and I'm proud that I've finally made it here again. When I hit day 8 tomorrow, it will be a new record and milestone, as every day following that will be.

For some reason I'm finding it much easier than ever before. I had a tough exam on June 1st that I studied my ass off for and thankfully I believe I did very well on it. All that time I spend studying for it helped me to not think or focus on pornography for a long while and my last fap ended up being on May 29th. Since then I just rode the nofap waves and haven't really felt any intense urge to fap which is strange for me. The two previous times I reached day 7 I was in absolute hell and incredibly anxious and filled with anxiety.

Even though I'm a little horny (you know, I could fap if I wanted to right now, obviously), somehow I just don't feel like doing it. I have a lot more confidence now than I usually do and more energy in general. I'm more social than I normally am. The other thing is, whenever I'm alone in my room, my dick seems to have a semi on all the time. What the hell? Is this normal? Like I'm just playing my PS3 and I have a semi on. My balls are also bigger and hang lower which feels good. Dick is generally more turgid. Other side effects include a lot of jaw clenching but I seem to be doing it less and less. Morning wood is 'there' but same old crappy morning wood, nothing special.

I'm really hoping that I'll be one of the 'one month miracles' who finds himself totally cured just one month after starting nofap. Only time will tell. But yeah, on I go!



Sounds like you're turning a corner - and starting to see some benefits.

I'm glad it's not so difficult this time. What are you doing this summer to stay busy?