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Hello again.

I've started a course of 20mg Prozac today because I've been depressed as hell for a long long time and have constantly been fighting a losing battle. I've finally had enough and I can't take it anymore. Today is the day I took my first Prozac pill.

Truth be told, I would have started this stuff ages ago if it weren't for the known sexual side effects. I've heard this crap can make you impotent and that scares the shit out of me... I figured it would be even worse for somebody with porn-induced, copulatory ED. But sadly I just can't take being so low anymore and have given up trying to beat depression 'naturally.'

Now I'm in a pretty tricky place because I understand that most people who reboot go through a so-called 'flatlining' phase where they have no libido. As I plan to continue doing no-fap, the problem I have is knowing whether it's the flatlining that may kill my libido or is it the Prozac? Having a completely useless penis would scare anybody so what am I supposed to do? If my dick does die, I don't want to tell the psychiatrist that I've not experienced experienced any sexual side effects... but I'm not so keen on explaining to him the dilemma of not knowing whether this is due to no-fap or whether it's because of the Prozac. You see what I mean?

Any tips or suggestions for this situation? Marnia, have you heard anybody on this site talking about ED in relation to SSRIs?



I wouldn't focus so much

on what your penis is doing with either prozac or the reboot. Stay focused on eliminating porn and masturbation and see what happens. Lots of guys reboot while on antidepressants, ritalin, anti-anxiety drugs, pot, you name it.

Right here dude, I took an

Right here dude, I took an SSRI many months ago. I went through a reboot right after I got off Celexa. Was able to have sex again without losing my erection after about two months. Unfortunately I delved back into the world of porn for a while but I'm back on track.

I personally don't believe that any side effects are permanent and I guess in reality there's no way for me to know for sure whether it was getting off the celexa or the fact that I quit PMO'ing.

Talk to your doctor about every single worry you have man. If you must, see a urologist to verify that everything is physically fine down there. Eliminating the possibility of a physical problem was a great relief for me.

Good luck.


they may lower your libido a bit but there isn't any evidence the effect is permanent. They just lower your sex drive a bit, sometimes, and lower your emotional intensity a bit. Meh, so what. Good luck with it and I hope it helps a lot!

A week into Prozac...

Thank you for your replies. It's good to know, gary, that people reboot whilst on SSRIs (but are they successful?).

High_Achiever, I know exercise helps and if you read my blog you'd see that I try to gym regularly. Unfortunately it just isn't enough and I have tried to beat the depression for nearly a year and a half now. I really tried... and unfortunately I was unsuccessful. My therapist was recommending me to go on this stuff for many months and it's about time I listened to her. Can't take feeling like shit anymore. Depression often incapacitates to the point where even getting out of bed many days is a struggle. Thus I can't waste anymore time. I hope I've made the right choice. I don't plan on being on this stuff for long. I'm hoping that after three months or so, by which time I've used the boost to improve my standard of living significantly, I will taper it off and go back to being SSRI free.

As the title states I'm about a week into the Prozac now, six pills taken so far. I'm already starting to feel better even though it's meant to take up to three weeks. Side effects have included a decreased appetite and light sleep but I feel both are improving. Dick wise... well, it seems that my libido has actually improved. My erections are now stronger, how about that? They're more like they were long before I started feeling so low. I didn't even notice that they weren't as strong as they used to be during the depression but now that they're stronger and more like they were before the contrast is apparent. The only difference is it takes me longer to climax and less sensitivity... not too happy about the decreased sensitivity but don't know how I feel about the longer time needed to orgasm. I'm also a bit worried about what will happen when I stop taking the Prozac... will my dick suddenly die? It's possible, apparently. The internet is full of horror stories.

Aaagh, anyway. This week I'm planning on not fapping at all, and giving myself one last 'test' at the end of next week to see how it is. If my boner hasn't died and is strong, then I'll continue with the Prozac treatment. If however I'm finding that my libido has been killed and I have a shriveled, sorry excuse extension of flesh for a penis, then I'm gonna get off the Prozac. Either way, no-pmo will go on after that last 'test.'

Goddamn this be some personal shit I'm talking about here. Thank god for anonymity.

Everyone's imbalances

are different, so the drugs have slightly different effects. Let's hope this is the right one to kickstart a return to feeling more normal.

If you taper off of the drug when it's time, your brain will have time to make up for its loss.

Have you tried meditation? Lots of guys find it helps regulate mood, too. Lots of options here: You have to try it for a while to find out if it can help.

How did you tried your

How did you tried your excercise? Because I made the mistake of during a very high intensity kind of excercise.

The only thing that matters is long duration at a moderate pace.

other options

Have you considered wellbutrin? I think it's commendable to reach out for help when you're feeling so down. It's actually the responsible thing to do. I have no medical background, but I would offer this: It might just be that the masturbation addiction is the cause of the depression. Imagine if 90 days of no masturbation and exercise resulted in your depression going away? I think Marnia has mentioned she's seen cases of masturbation leading to depression.

I'd say that differently

I've heard guys report that chronic depression evaporated when they cut way back on solo sex/too frequent climax. There's more to orgasm than we think, and it may turn out that it's quite possible to overdo it--which is why, if you love sex, karezza (frequent intercourse, very infrequent orgasm) makes sense.