Price of masturbation

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To bad I fapped like 5 time last night, mostly to GIFs at popular website that my GF told me about, though she know aabout my problem, but I'll take the responsibility for it.

Though I don't feel sick or depressed there is definately pric I'm paying for it apart from withdrawal - my balls. There is huge party in my city with girls from other countries and I'm just watching footbal match with my mom and eating peanuts. Well, I never gave a jacksh about sports, but I used to care about girls, and now I have no motivation to pursue them or whatsoever. I need to stop it with masturbation altogether to get my balls back. It's probably the sme when my stomach is full I don't want to it, and the opposite here.

And one more thing, about rewiring. Though it's kinda ashaming for me, but it's totally not my fault. I was coming home by a night bus, and there was increadible amount of people in the bus, so basicly people where compressed into each other. Lucky me I was jammed kinda like spooning into some nice girl, and my little buddy responded to it. Hooray for natural reinforcment! Though I feel kina like some pervert, but it's no my faoult, and honestly I enjoyed it.

Lets hope I'll stay away from porn for w while. It's preventing me from what I really want - a relationship with a pretty girl!