Softcore relapse

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Unfortunately chaser effect got me and I had a relapse with softcore in the TV last night. Today I decided to dump my stash of playboys fhm and maxims (more than 50 issues) and unfortunately it costed me 2 orgasms also. Though its great that I don't need hardcore porn anymore I'm worried, because I can dump magazines, but it will be harder to block TV. I'm moving to new place soon, so I'm considering moving without TV.

And now it's the Saturday night and I was set for a relapse, because I called two friends that I wanted to go out with and they staying home. Knowing that if I stayed I'd wank like crazy for sure to ease the resentment I decided to push little farther and called more people, and I'm getting my ass out, so I guess that will prevent me from masturbating and sorrow:). But it's not the first time taht s%$3 like that happen, I think that I kinda got into porn in highschool because my social life sucked. But now it's like 10 years since that, and I need to take responsibility for my life and develop a social circle I can rely on. Plus, I only have like one male friend, it's kinda unhealthy. Anyway, it's a day 0 for me, I feel alright so lets pray the night will be safe for me...


You sounded

like you were about to boil over yesterday. Can you stop the train at the beginning? When the initial trigger happened? What would you say it was?