Here I go again

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Well everyone this is another try, to try to stop this P habit. I almost have this feeling inside like I don't really want to let it go, but I know i want to let it go. But deep down there is this nagging feeling of "Oh yeah, you know we'll be back."

I know how much this habit has hurt me, and I know how much time I have wasted, yet it seems like it really is all I know. I am one of those guys who started PMO at like 11 or 12, so for me it's gonna be hard. I guess alot of it has to do with not wanting change. I label myself as an introvert, but I see alot of guys who talk about who they are actually extroverts after abstaining for some time, so I guess part of me is scared to almost have to "start over" once I get to a good point. Like say I have a month under my belt, and I'm feeling really social,

I feel like I am going to "go back to my 12 year old mind", and have to play catch up. I realize these are excuses, but have some sympathy?


I hear you

Im starting over again and I hear that addictive voice inside saying 'you'll be back' too.
I totally notice I'm way more extroverted the longer I get away from PMO.
I just have way less fear and shame hanging over me when free of the pmo.


Well I wish u good luck Kevin. I am on day 3 today. It feels like 2 realities sometimes, the "I know that P is not what it is, it is stupid,it's not real, it's just lame art.

Then there is the very enticing mindset of "oh man, she's so hot, or that one scene."And you kinda just let yourself slip into the hypnosis to get the pleasure.. And it's almost like the pleasure, is just so damn enticing that you forego your rational brain to let the lizard brain take over" It truly is a tragedy.

Sometimes I just think about going and living in the wilderness or something like that lol for like a month or two to GUARANTEE at least a 1 month break, as the farthest I've gone without PMO, for about 12 years, has been 23 days. agggghhhh