Are one night stands worse?

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Just as the title says. Is there any difference between doing one night stands. I mean, sex done over with and you move on to another and the cycle continues. Is that damaging to the brain chemistry in any way.

I notice a couple of my friends can go to a club see a girl. Have sex with her that night and then do the same exact thing the next night with a different girl.

But my question is, I know we are tricking are brain to think we are planting seeds in these woman but in reality a lot of men are using a condom, pull out method along with the female on birth control.

Will one night stands in itself become an addiction after awhile?


I have never had any sexual

I have never had any sexual experience, one night stand or relationship. So I wouldn't know. But I was planning on going the club route, not for sex but to have fun and socialize with other people more. I know if I go to a club (which I've been to only once and got hit on a lot) I will expect at least one girl wanting me to go home with her because that's generally what the outcome turns out to be in most situations.

Who knows?

In general, too much novelty isn't a recipe for contentment. See:

And this research confirmed that guys with fewer partners were more contented in their actual marriages:

I wrote an article on that research, which you might find interesting.

That said, socializing is good. And there's nothing wrong with going home with her just to kiss and touch each other. Just tell her, "I'd love to, but I'm just up for kissing and touching for now."