week 5

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Really starting to seriously recover my clarity of thought. Just hit me in the shower this morning. Everything is so clear inside. And quick. A totally different emotional and cognitive landscape. It's taken last week to rebalance from my premature (in the process of rebalancing) sex. Strictly no sex until at least 30 days in...

It seems I have to go through a process of total apathy / energetic collapse each time to get past a certain point before things become really clear again (maybe dopamine levels crash to their lowest and then start to pick up again?). This weekend saw that collapse. My body felt cold commuting on Friday night, didn't seem to warm itself.

Anyway, plenty of sleep, plenty of veg and chicken / meat / fish and seafood, plenty of cuddling, saw me through the week and weekend.

Now I'm feeling fine. Cleared a warehouse, lifted 30 heavy boxes up sets of stairs. Could have gone on all day.

And my personal relationships are on a calmer, more even keel.

Rolling onwards...

Now I'm going to do some exercise. Madness.



I had to make the same

experiment repeatedly before I got it. It's just hard to believe that we have so much hidden potential...or that we could access it in a way that seems so...bizarre. But "facts is facts."

Remember...intercourse isn't the problem. Intercourse-with-orgasm is what can throw you onto the slope if you don't know to go right back to the other kind.

Glad you're feeling like Superman.

great work

i love reading posts like this, it gives me confidence to keep going and to give me something to look forward to. I agree with marina, it's so crazy how much potential is hidden under all that fog of porn use.

and you've only just opened up the gates of your potential. :)