week 6

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Clarity getting better and better and my sleep is now properly refreshing, which is a real relief. Energy levels still through the roof (return to normal?). Weird thing is I went through a fairly depressive state for much of last week yet still needed to exercise.

My mood tends to fluctuate quite a lot. Things have yet to settle.

However, small talk and jokes with a young lady I found very very attractive on the underground today so it appears my mental and emotional health is restoring in the background without my awareness. Didn't even think about it, just seemed natural. Which it is of course.

I mean here, strangers RARELY seem interact with each other on the tube.

Happy Days. Only caution is that historically I tend to foul up around this time. This time all my 'technological defences' are as near as watertight as can be.





I agree about the energy. I just completed my two weeks reboot and have been exercising with push-ups and sit-ups and still have left over energy built up. This weekend, I reorganized my entire kitchen and cleaned out my garage. Crazy!!