Week 7

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OK it continues to be all good. Some mood fluctuations and a definite flat line (my sexual organ has shrunk...). But I don't find this depressing because I know it means genuine sexual rest / healing going on. And it won't last forever by all accounts.

Sometimes I feel there may be a slight underlying anxious feeling during this rebalancing....and sometimes I don't!

I tried non-orgasmic sex last night with my girlfriend. And managed to avoid 'going over the waterfall'. Maybe because I know what a crushing headache I can get if I just let nature take it's course. Feels weird separating bodies without 'completion'!

Interesting thing is that I did feel two 'mini' orgasms / intense waves of pleasure without any ejaculation. And today I was definitely cranky and irritable (although it is also a Monday). So maybe I went a bit near to the edge of the waterfall this time? However, absolutely no chaser effect today. Nothing.

All very mysterious and am still surprised that these intense orgasmic-like waves of sensation are possible independently from ejaculation.

More research needed....