Week 8

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Mostly smooth this week. Some tough emotional downs but feeling absolutely fine now (and not tired after major physical activity today).

It's pretty cold here (around freezing) but strangely I felt warm outside working, like the cold doesn't affect me as much as it used to. (My work mate on the other hand was shivering! And I dare say he's a little more rotund than I am...). I think this is connected to sexual energy conservation....

So feeling fine physically and crystal clear mentally. Flat line continues. I can have sex, no problem getting aroused with partner but otherwise there feels like a loss of sex drive (as I used to experience it anyway). General shrinkage. And very patchy response to females I meet in course of day (I mean patchy libido - sometimes there's a glimmer, most often not).

Some old fantasies sparked off in my brain a few days ago but am currently practicing putting a big red X over it and squashing them as they arise which seems to be effective.

More cuddling tonight... onwards...