Week 9 and a half

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A little late this week as very busy indeed....

However, all going well with the rebalancing (I think!). Things got a little choppy last week. For some reason there was a resurgence of old fantasies and the familiar feeling of 'pressure cooker' rising after abstaining for orgasm for quite some time (approaching 30 days?). It felt like a certain frantic-ness was starting to spill over into my usual thoughts and feelings, which wasn't helpful.

So I had sex with my girlfriend and didn't hold back and it cleared my 'frantic' state. The most surprising thing for me is that there was no chaser effect at all. I expected it and watched out for it but nothing.

On the one hand I feel much better going through this process on the other it feels like I still need to have full sex, albeit much less frequently. (By the way it's feeling more and more satisfying and alive in terms of 'sensation').


p.s. as if by magic on old lover whom I'm really really attracted to has just appeared on the scene after 10 years....literally bumped into her in a remote part of town. And now we're meeting for lunch... It's a disaster waiting to happen. But the attraction is intense.