Something I noticed about online dating... I mean, myself

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So I was on an online dating site just to update the profile and check for messages and I noticed something. I browsed the women a little and noticed that I could see from the look in their eyes that most of them don't really want to meet someone and aren't even in a mental and spiritual state where they could meet someone. Meaning they project something outward, aura or otherwise that prevents meeting who they would truly want to meet.

Then, I remembered that you see most in others what you are truly familiar with. It's never 100% true, but it gives somewhat of a mirror to yourself, kinda like when you see your face in the ice when it's cold. It's not a complete picture, but yet, yeah, there must be truth in it...

I think I'll quit going to these sites for a while. I feel they are not right for me at this point in time.

Time to work on some projects and hobbies, and hit the singletrack on my bike

A book I recommend: Reinventing Yourself by Steve Chandler