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Pretty much pointless, in my experience

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In a way, I wish I'd never learned of Karezza. It's basically made it so that I'm not interested in a partnership unless it includes this kind of connection. That's not a bad thing. It's just that it renders the information useless to me, unless you consider that it's kept me from the heartbreak of another failed relationship.

I hoped to at least be able to raise awareness of the practice to enhance the partnerships of others, but no one wants to hear about it, in my experience.

May the rest of you have better luck.

Sex is a Form of Communication

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What are people saying when they rip each other's clothes off and go at it like rabbits? In my view, the message is, "Gimme, gimme"

On the other hand, lying in a still embrace is like saying, "There's nowhere else I'd rather be. Heaven is in this moment."

What is your touch saying when you are trying to "make something happen"?

What are you saying with your touch when you are simply feeling the sensation and connection that is present in touching?

Bonding Behaviors

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For those of us who aren't coupled, it's important to be aware that many of our touch needs can be met outside of sexual relationships.

Many bonding behaviors aren't sexual at all and can be shared with anyone willing to be that close. It doesn't have to be that either we have a partner or we're SOL.

I have developed a lot of friendships this year with people who are open to nurturing touch, so that I don't have to wait until someone comes along who wants to share my journey to enjoy lovingly connecting with others through touch.

Healing the Disconnect

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One of the things that needs rebuilding is trust between men and women. To that end, we need to make sure we always ask before we touch anyone in any way we haven't previously received permission, and that we never take liberties beyond what we have agreed to.