Day 189

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Forgot to update yesterday but the rest of the day was great. I went bike riding yesterday with my friends and we just had fun all day yesterday. Was pretty tired at work today didn't get enough sleep and I had depressing thoughts again same shit about suicide and my orientation. I used the red X technique yet again and its working rather efficiently. Just got off of work, so ill update later on about the rest of the day.


Thats comforting to hear

I know my reboot will take up to 1-2 years probably because my brains just stubborn. Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty smooth depressing thoughts here and there probably entering another flat line (the worst) I hope its not as bad as the first one and if it is I wont let it. I realize I get this sort of depressed feeling in the morning when I go to work which leads to a bad work day I just have to continue using this technique and they should fade. Nothing else really so that's it for Day 189

Keep in mind

that some mood swings are normal during your teen years. I swear mine would have registered on the Richter Scale on occasion, and my mom would probably have agreed. Wink

We all benefit from learning "resiliency," that is skills for pulling ourselves up by our boot straps now and then.  Life will never be stress free, so those skills will be valuable to you even when your mood levels. out.


It's great that you're learning these skills. It's great that you're journaling a bit on here. You might learn more about how foods, sleep, and exercise affect your moods if you keep track of those things. I've been seeing a lot of little micro-journal apps like fiveminutejournal that help you keep track of what you're thankful for and the small wonderful things that happen.