Day 190

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Today was one of the better days. Little to no depressing thoughts and I didn't get them at work so I actually had a good work day and I got enough rest too. I noticed too things that I want to get rid of though since last year I've had my forehead darken up more than my actual skin tone (due to acne) and I have bags under my eyes(not sure what this is from though maybe lack of sleep?) Have you experienced these in your teens? and if not how do you get rid of these bags? They make me look tired all the time.


How many hours are you sleeping each nite?

I think you're on the right track of sleeping more and learning techniques that reduce stress and anxiety.

I know we've "talked" about daily cold showers, but they really do seem to help regulate the brain. Since I've seen so many guys rave about the benefits, I decided to do a modified version myself. Since it has been hot where I live and I get sticky by the end of the day, I jump in a cold shower right before bed. Sounds weird, because you'd think it would wake me up, but instead I notice that I sleep better than ever. And funny thing...while I still don't like stepping into the cold water, it very quickly isn't unpleasant at all. Who would have thought??

Exercise and daily meditation also get rave reviews. (Something tells me I've shared this several times already. Wink )

Not sure about the acne, but this guy talks about his complexion in his vid:

I go to sleep

at around 12-1 every night and I have to get up at 6:30 for work. But I don't even feel tired unless I go at about 2.And I just watched the video and its really good to see how his life has became full circle again. I can only hope that mine happens soon so I can finally write my success story.

Another trick is to make yourself get up earlier

than you need to and exercise before work. That might ensure you're worn out at the end of the day.

On the other hand, teen biochemistry seems to keep 'em up late naturally. Still, you might try some experiments to see if you can tame yours a bit. My first summer job I had be up at 5:30 am...and I soon found it easier to get to sleep earlier. Wink


I did a article about that in health and im like "wow thats why I dont get sleepy until 12 or !" which isn't helpful at all since school starts so early and they pile us up on homework. No wonder teens are so sleep deprived.

PS That guy

tried for a while before he could get his act together. He wasn't a 90-day miracle. You can see his earlier posts with more of his history on YOUTube (although YOUTube can be a risky place to hang out).